Car tracker model TS750

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Summary Review🔎

The car tracker model TS750 is a fully functional device with international standards that can be easily installed on a variety of Iranian and foreign cars and heavy vehicles. This device has an external antenna as well as a memory card slot. By inserting a SIM card from different operators of Irancell, Hamrah Aval, Rytl, you can easily track your car. This device is very small and the size of a palm. This device has a gasoline relay that can be installed by sending a text message to turn off your car remotely. If the tracker is disconnected from the car battery, an SMS notification message will be sent to you immediately

Features of TS 750 car tracker📋

If you are looking for a car tracker that has both good quality and hardware and also has various features, you can buy the TS750 model at a reasonable price. This car tracker is light and small and is resistant to cold and heat. It also has vibration sensors, motion sensors, internal memory in the tracker, etc., which has turned it into a sample tracker. This TS750 device has the following features 💠
Warning message when the tracker is hit💠
Warning message for speeding💠
Car power outage warning message💠
Car power outage warning message💠
Send an emergency message💠
Cut off the car's fuel or electricity remotely💠
Car tracking via phones, computers and SMS💠
Update position at different times and intervals 💠

Product features📝

Receive alarms when the car is turned on🔅

When the car is turned on without your presence and the purpose is to steal it, a warning will be sent to you that the car will be turned on

Receive an alarm when the car goes out of range🔅

You can set a limit for employees or any person who will send you an alert if you leave the range

Has a temperature sensor🔅

This detector has a temperature sensor and is resistant to heat and cold

Technical specifications of TS750 car tracker📝

GPS sensorHas
GPS frequency850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Satellite capacity28
Communication systemsGPS / GSM / GPRS
Maximum measurable speed300
Minimum sending time interval10 seconds
GPRS communication standard2G
GPS Sensitivity159 dBm
Communication frequency 850/900/1800/1900
Spatial accuracyUnder 5 meters
GPS sensitivity159 dBm
Physical specifications of the device
Dimensions8 * 5 * 3 cm
Weight120 g

Warning approaching

Speed cameras

Does not have
Speed alarmHas
Mileage reportHas
Battery status alarmHas
Ability to connect external antennaHas
SIM card portHas
Dual SIM supportDoes not have
Micro USB portHas
Mini USB portDoes not have
Working voltage12.24 volts
Permissible temperature rangeNegative 20 to positive 65 ° C
Permissible range of humidity5 to 95%
Update capabilityHas
Ability to control with the messageHas
SOS keyHas
Communication with digital modules Has

Items with the device📋

An active GPS antenna💠
An active GSM / GPRS antenna💠
Turn off a 12 volt 40 amp relay💠
Special cable for installation 💠

GPS Message offers a variety of GPS in different sizes and models.

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Other descriptions📋

Ability to turn off the car by sending SMS and installing Rely in the ca✅
Sending information when the car is on and not sending information when it is off (GPRS cost reduction up to two thirds)✅
Unconditional GPS replacement guarantee
Existence of control room to manage and display all movements in an instant by installing an LCD monitor in the control room✅
If the car battery is cut off, send an SMS to the center automatically✅
Ability to print stopping points, stopping times, stopping address✅
List of stopping points of each car in print within three seconds✅
List of unauthorized stops, for example, stopping for more than 30 minutes✅
Control report of all vehicles in terms of total distance traveled, number of stopping points, fuel consumption of all vehicles✅
Speed ​​control and sending SMS in case of unauthorized speed to the relevant responsible mobile phone and fine print performance of each vehicle✅
Calculate the amount of fuel consumption based on when the car is on
Record download time from start to finish and number of downloads
Provide smart print sketch from factory to customer address
View unloading locations and stop times
Intelligent PM system with distance control in each vehicle that oil change service, filters, tires, etc. can be intelligently sent to the driver and the person in charge of repairs and can be printed and printed
Smart SMS system to inform the driver to perform the relevant service✅

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