Magnet Car Tracker Two weeks charging

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Review Summary🔎

This magnets with an internal battery capacity of 5800 mAh is one of the most powerful and most popular magnet detectors in the world that allows you to vehicle, load, container, kite, ship, boat, bag, sac, imported vehicles and ... Trace from any distance. By purchasing a magnet detector, you do not need to install the installer and do the tracer's wiring, just place an active SIM card inside the device, and then paste the device to the iron body of the device you want or under the car and hide it anywhere in the car. This tracker has an internal microphone to hear the sound around to radius about 5 meters. The detector feature holds up to 14 days with once recharging in standby mode and about 8 days in normal operation of the device

Magnet Tracker Facilities Two weeks charging📝

The Magnets Tracker will not need to install two weeks of charge, called Magnetic car trackers or magnets in the market and has many fans. Having a strong magnet in these detectors can connect it to the metal body of cars or motorcycles. Magnetic trackers lack wiring and can supply its force through the internal battery. The most important characteristic of the magnet detector is two weeks of charge, having waterproof and anti-dust. Magnet detectors can track paths for two weeks. Tracking is online by web and app, and offline tracking will also be with SMS. Magnetic trackers have a small size are easily shipped. These detectors, as it is clear, can hold two weeks of charge. It's possible to track multiple cars with the help of the app. The two-week charge tracker app can have the ability to add more than one user simultaneously. Magnet Tracker Facilities are two weeks charging as follows
Having a strong magnet property💠
Waterproof as well as dustproof tracking💠
Online tracking capability (with the help of web and application)💠
Ability to track offline (send SMS)💠
Keep charging for up to 2 weeks💠
No need to install💠
Keep track of information for six months💠
Has a Persian application💠
Personalize the application and the ability to configure multiple users💠
Tracking a variety of cars as well as motorcycles 💠

General product features📖

Ability to track cars online, people, adults, patients, marketers🔅

With the help of a two-week charge magnet tracker, you can control cars and even children or the elderly online. They can also be used in marketing

Has an internal battery🔅

The built-in battery of the tracker can last up to two weeks without worrying about running out

Has high magnetic strength🔅

The magnetic power of this device is so high that it will stick to all metal parts with full force

Specifications of 14 days magnet tracker ✴️

Battery specifications

Battery typeLithium
Voltage3.5 volts
Battery operation time2400 hours
Capacity 5800 mAh

14 روز ردیاب

Technical specifications of the device

Can be used asPersonal and car
GPS frequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz MHz
GPS satellite count capacity56 channel
Communication systemsGSM, SMS 
Maximum measurable speed515 meters per second
GPRS communication standardQuad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS Sensitivity162dBm
Communication frequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
Spatial accuracy5 meters
Dimensions8 * 6 * 1 cm
Weight100 g
Speed alarmhas it
Alarm approaching speed camerashas it
Mileage reporthas it
Battery status alarmhas it
Ability to connect external antennadoes not have
SIM card porthas it
Dual SIM supportdoes not have
Micro USB porthas it
Mini USB portdoes not have
Support for audio formatsdoes not have
Support for video formatsdoes not have
Working voltage3.7 volts
Permissible temperature range-20 ~ 55 ° C
Permissible range of humidity5 to 95%
Update capabilityhas it
Consumption current3.7 mAh
internal memorydoes not have
Update capabilityhas it
Ability to control with the messagehas it
Communication with digital modules has it

GPS Message offers a variety of GPS in different sizes and models.

Items with the device📋

battery charger💠

Other Details📋

Ability to navigate via SMS and the Internet
Send alerts when out of range
Has a powerful internal backup battery
Has 6 powerful internal magnets
Has a panel of past route reports
Has reports of stopping places, parking, movement, speed display✅
Suitable for distribution cars, cargo, money bags, containers, ships and boats, long voyages

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