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Summary Review🔎

If you can not install the car tracker and its wiring, you can buy a magnetic tracker. This device has a built-in battery that can be tracked for up to a month on a single charge. It is a powerful device with high magnetic power and a built-in microphone, and in addition it has shock sensors that, if the tracker is touched, an alarm will be sent immediately to the tracker owner. This magnetic tracker device has a powerful internal antenna and also the possibility of installing an external antenna to amplify the waves

Magnet tracker features 20 days charge📝

Magnetic trackers with the ability to charge for 20 days is a type of personal or magnetic tracker that has four strong magnets and with the ability of high-speed positioning of GPS, APS and LBS. This small tracker can be easily installed on any device or moved by people. The 20 day charge magnet tracker has the following features
The magnetic tracker is waterproof and has a 2600 mAh battery that is used to track people, goods inside trucks, luggage, trucks or transportation, as well as home or work tools💠
The 20-day charge magnet detector can detect vibration and detect ambient noise💠
The 20-day charge magnet tracker will be able to track online and offline💠
Ability to track the car on a variety of Android and iOS mobile phones without limiting the GPS range💠
The 20-day charge magnet tracker has the ability to adjust its performance, making it possible to make settings remotely or by sending a text message💠

General features of the device📖


The 20 day charge magnet tracker can be easily placed and transported in any small place

Small size🔅

Magnet detectors for 20 days charge have a very small size and can be placed anywhere

Quick and easy installation🔅

These detectors can be easily and quickly installed anywhere


Waterproof and humidity of the detectors are among the prominent features of this magnetic detector

Low battery consumption🔅

Battery consumption in these 20-day magnetic trackers is very low

Has a strong magnet to connect🔅

With a strong magnetic force, this car tracker can be connected to any place

Main product features📋

No need for installation and wiring✳️
Very powerful internal magnet✳️
Internal power button for quick activation✳️
Has an internal 10000mAh lithium battery 10000mAh Lithium-ion battery with industry standard✳️
Immediate call alert for when the vehicle detects movement✳️
It can stay in Standby mode for up to 100 days✳️
With motion-sensitive sensors for optimal battery use, the device switches from active to passive while standing to store battery energy✳️
It has a powerful internal antenna and also the possibility of installing an external antenna to amplify the waves✳️

Technical specifications of 20 days magnet tracker✴️

Battery specifications

Battery typeLithium
Voltage3.7 volts
Battery operation time720 hours
Capacity 10,000 mAh

Technical specifications of the device

Can be used as
Personal and car
GPS satellite count capacity56 channel
Communication systemsGSM GPRS (class 12)  
GPRS communication standard850/900/1800/1900MHz 
GPS Sensitivity-159dBm 
Communication frequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
Spatial accuracy
10 meters
Dimensions20 * 70 * 130 mm
500 g
Speed ​​alarmHas
Alarm approaching speed camerasHas
Mileage reportHas
Battery status alarmHas
Ability to connect external antenna
Does not have
Audio output portHas
SIM card portHas
Dual SIM support
Does not have
Micro USB portHas
Mini USB port
Does not have
Support for audio formats
Does not have
Support for video formats
Does not have
Working voltage
3.7 volts
Permissible temperature range
-40 ~ 70 ° C
Permissible range of humidity5 to 95%
Update capabilityHas
Consumption current3.7 mAh
Internal memory
Does not have
Update capabilityHas
Ability to control with the messageHas
Communication with digital modules Has

Items with the device📋


GPS Message offers a variety of GPS in different sizes and models.

Contact us to buy a 20 day charge magnet tracker 20 day magnet tracker

Other descriptions📋

Ability to navigate via SMS and the Internet✅
Send alerts when out of range✅
Has a powerful internal backup battery✅
Has 6 powerful internal magnets✅
Has a panel of past route reports✅
Has reports of stopping places, parking, movement, speed display and
Suitable for distribution cars, cargo, money bags, containers, ships and boats, long voyages✅
Having a bandwidth of 850-900-1800-1900 MHz✅
Ability to track offline and online on the web with the help of PC and mobile phone without installation✅
Ability to determine the geographical area✅
Has a GPS module with very accurate sensitivity
Having a powerful GPS antenna and internal GSM
Waterproof capability
Ability to work with adjustment (30 hours to 7 days)
Set up the tracker with software and SMS
Having 8 MB of internal memory
Possibility of Kerry reporting speed over a period of six months
Send all alerts on the application or phone by SMS or call
Send an alert when the device is moving
Send an alert when the battery is low
Send an alert when the tracker vibrates
Having Persian software✅

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