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Certainly, the latest product in the market always has many customers, and the reason for that is the addition of more features. This case also applies to car tracking devices. With the addition of special features and options to the latest version of the vehicle tracker, the demand for buying the device will certainly ascend  and the factories will increase the production of the device day by day. In the past few years, the Global Positioning System short formed  as GPS was used  as an only technology for online tracking of the vehicles, people and animals, but now features such as turning off the car, eavesdropping, and even connecting a camera to the vehicle tracker have been added

When the use of vehicles increases, car security and protection becomes a challenge. Thieves always try to steal people's cars with a more advanced method, and this makes it important to use the latest vehicle tracker. Tracking systems should be updated and provided to customers with new features and higher security

These systems should be able to increase the efficiency by monitoring the driver's behavior and the condition of the vehicle to make progress in the careers related to transportation and its fleet. Some of these trackers are so advanced that they can notice all the details of the car's movement, such as the rate of stopping and its speed



The new features of the vehicle tracking devices are very efficient and useful

Has it ever happened to you that your car still gets stolen even though you lock the steering wheel and pedals? At this time anxiety and stress overwhelms you and you are wandering around looking for your car. Then you go to the police station and report the car theft. You come back and in the most optimistic case you might find the car after it has been towed. In these situations, how useful the car tracking device is? You can quickly see the exact location of the car through your phone and even turn off the car by sending an SMS

Find your car with the tracker and get it back before it gets lost

Online and accurate vehicle tracking is one of the special features of vehicle tracking devices, but options such as turning off the car by sending an SMS will amaze everyone. In less than a few minutes, you can easily find your car and turn it off by sending an SMS and hand the thief over to the police

By installing a vehicle tracker, you have insured your car for a lifetime

Quotes such as "by insuring your car, even in case of theft, you will feel safe" "if your car had insurance, you would easily get the damage" are widespread among people today, but the reality is something else. In addition to its high cost, car body insurance has its own conditions

  •  After car theft, you have to look for your car for three months
  •  Making sure to advertise twice in the newspaper within three months
  •  If your car is not found after three months, the insurance will pay for the damage
  • Of course, the insurance will only give you 80% of the car damage at the factory price

Now imagine in this chaotic situation of dollar fluctuations with car theft, if you wait three months, your money will be completely worthless. Well, isn't it better to find your car in less than a few minutes by installing a vehicle tracker

Buying and installing a car tracker means insuring your car for a lifetime, and you can quickly find your car without stress and anxiety

 Get a car tracker right now



You can connect a camera to the car tracker to control the drivers

Some drivers drive carelessly, which can causes terrible accidents, and in the most optimistic case, they still arrive late and reduce customer satisfaction. The solution is to install a camera to the vehicle tracking devices so that you can view the inside of the vehicle online. By observing inside of the car, you can notice if the driver is sleeping or you can even wake them up before an unfortunate accident occurs

The temperature sensor can helps drivers of heavy vehicles and even food distribution

One of the prominent features of vehicle tracking devices is that you can easily connect the temperature sensor and check the temperature inside of the vehicle. Especially because fuel trucks may ignite by the increase of  the temperature inside of the car. Even food and meat distribution vehicles must check the temperature inside the car so that it does not fall below its permissible limit. You can only do this with a temperature sensor



Features of the latest vehicle tracker

Identifying the driver in the transportation systems of the latest vehicle tracker

The latest vehicle tracking system should be able to recognize the drivers and record the history of each vehicle. With this feature, you can identify drivers who drive dangerously and prevent accidents and ensure your safety or your property

Information reporting with the latest vehicle tracker

Reporting is very important for the people who work in the transportation companies because they provide the vehicle to other people and they have to control them remotely. The GPS tracking system of the car can record the information of the routes traveled by the car and can control it. The latest vehicle tracker should have the ability to provide information about speed, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and route history

Warning announcement when  the vehicle is transported with a crane by the help of the latest vehicle tracker

One of the most important features of a new tracker is that it has an accelerometer. When your vehicle is off and being moved by a crane this feature can help the car owner to prevent this from happening. This feature is very useful for receiving information in new trackers

Speed warning announcement by the latest vehicle tracker

One of the important characteristics of the trackers is to control the speed of the vehicle. Whenever the speed of the vehicle with the tracker exceeds the set limit, an alarm will be sent  to the owner of the tracker that the vehicle has a speed higher than the allowed limit. With the help of this possibility in the latest vehicle tracker, you can control the risky behavior of the driver and ensure the safety of the person and the car



Warning announcement when the car is stationary with the latest vehicle tracker

Running the car for a long time without using it will cause a waste of property. This feature is more effective for business owners. They can send a warning to turn off the car if the car is on for a long time

Define the time range with the latest vehicle tracker

In the new trackers, there is this item that you can define a certain time for the vehicle to start and move on ,if it moves out of those defined hours, the person will be notified

Low battery warning in the latest vehicle tracker

If you use battery-powered trackers, you should always be aware of the battery charge level. In the latest vehicle trackers, it is possible for the system to inform the person when the battery needs to be charged. This case exists even in wired batteries that are charged with the car battery, and a warning message is sent to people about the power cut

Car door opening warning with the latest vehicle tracker

In the latest vehicle trackers, the tracker can announce the opening of the door. This makes the thieves unable to reach their goal. When the vehicle door is opened, a warning message is sent to the vehicle owner and informs him. A person can turn off the vehicle and close the door with his mobile phone

Hitting warning the latest vehicle tracker

This item is also useful for mobile phones and can notify the owner of the tracker in case of an accident. With the slightest movement of the car, the person will reach it quickly and the theft will be prevented. It is also possible that you lend your car to another person, and with this possibility, you will be informed about his accidents



Announcing temperature or humidity changes by the latest vehicle tracker

The use of the tracker is not only to prevent car theft but it can also be used in more cases. One of its most important features is the temperature or humidity change warning, which is used in meat and dairy food trucks. With the slightest change, the car owner will be notified of the minimum and maximum temperature and will ensure that the food is delivered safely

Car fuel consumption warning by the latest vehicle tracker

Tracking fuel consumption is important for businesses like transportation fleets and can directly impact company costs. If this amount of use goes much higher, a warning message will be sent to the driver





With the increase in the price of vehicles, you should look for the best solution to ensure its security and protection. The tracking system in the new era can play a significant and primary role in guaranteeing the wellness of the vehicles. These systems have real-time tracking, various alerts, and new features that we discussed in more detail in this article. Reviewing the features of the latest vehicle tracker is important for all people who plan to purchase a vehicle tracker, whether for personal or organizational use

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