• Monday., Oct 07 2013 Category : GPS

    GPS or Global Positioning System was originally developed as a military navigation tool. However the technology has grown along with a sub set of supporting technologies to serve other requirements within consumer budgets. The principle behind GPS is very simple- it works by providing a set of geographical coordinates such as a place’s latitude, longitude and elevation on Earth. The GPS device also

  • Monday., Oct 07 2013 Category : Tracer
    GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking GPS is technology for trace everything like vehicles or children or make map and ….. however we want to tell you in this article about GPS tracking for vehicle and say how to can create security for your vehicle . One application of GPS is for tracking vehicles, where GPS devices are attached to your vehicles with a distinctive identification like a chassis number. This way, the vehicle

  • Monday., Oct 07 2013 Category : Alarm
    Car Alarm

    Car Alarm We all recognize the sound of car alarm. It is not uncommon to hear the loud sirens blaring in the middle night. Most of we ignore the sound and keep sleeping; the sound has almost become the soundtrack of the city. why it is so important that the car alarms of the 21st century do more than simply blast a siren into the night air.

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