What is a magnetic vehicle tracker

?What is a magnetic vehicle tracker

   The magnetic vehicle tracker can be installed in different sizes in both heavy and light vehicles and they can be used for increasing the security, tracking, monitoring and also receiving reports. like wired and satellite-based GPS trackers, in magnetic trackers, you can have offline tracking thanks to GPS. The body of the vehicle magnetic tracker is impervious to any type of weather changes, extreme heat and cold, and humidity. This tracker is capable of recording speeds, saving the movement directions  and storing information. The magnetic tracker is practical when it comes to tracking the light or heavy vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances and military vehicles. additionally it can even be more functional in cases where you have a car or vehicle in your garage

?Why is the vehicle tracker so significant for the car

 Maybe you heard from a friend or acquaintance that their car was stolen despite locking the steering wheel or pedal or even installing an alarm? The reason is that these accessories can only delay the time of theft, but they are not something to prevent the car from the robbery. Therefore , in any case, there is a possibility of robbery for your car, yet it is better to track the location of your car by installing a car tracker

?Why this magnetic vehicle tracker is one of the best-selling vehicle trackers in the world

 Wired vehicle trackers require an installer to wire and install the tracker and connect it to the car's battery. So, if the car's battery is removed the tracker will certainly fail. the magnetic car tracker works without the need for electricity from the car's battery due to the presence of an internal battery, it will keep the charge for a specified period of time. For this reason, it is known as the best car tracker in the world and the demand for buying this device is increasing day by day

Advantages of using the magnetic tracker

 The total portability with which it can be easily embedded in your car, backpack, suitcase and even a ship-

 The best object for online car tracking and cargo tracking-
 Containing an internal battery that has the ability to save a full charge for a period of time, and be recharged when the battery is discharged-
High accuracy tracking due to internal antenna-
 The high magnetic force of the device makes the tracker unmovable in cases when you place it under the  even if the car shakes or falls on bumps

  Magnetic vehicle tracker with super easy installation

 Magnetic trackers stick to any metallic parts of the car which has a smooth surface , thanks to the magnet in them. In order to install the tracker, it is recommended to place this tracker in an invisible part where it is not eye-catching and can't be easily found. Some parts such as the under of the front bumper of the car, behind the fender, under the seats or under the car are some suitable places for the tracker to be stuck

 Steps to set up your vehicle magnetic tracker

  Get a SIM card with GPS-

 Activate the SIM card-

 Put the SIM card inside the tracker device-

 Enter support or SOS numbers-

 Magnetic tracker with variety of functions

 The high speed, high accuracy and an easy installation have elevated the functions of this tracker. the magnetic tracker can be also installed on intermodal containers on roads, air and rail transportations, bicycles, tractors, military, motorcycles and rental cars, in addition to private cars or heavy vehicles.  Magnetic trackers can be used in all cases where you need to control and track your valuable devices and prevent the possibility of them being stolen, if they are metallic

 The battery of the magnetic vehicle trackers

 The biggest difference between magnetic trackers and other trackers is in the capacity of the full charging of the batteries. There is no need for the internal battery of these tracker to be connected to the car's electricity. The battery saves the charge for 4 days to 4 months depending on whether it is working offline or online

GPS in magnetic tracker

  By dint of GPS in the vehicle magnetic tracker, an alert is sent to the defined number when the speed of the car exceeds to a certain limit. Additionally, when the tracker has no connection with the server and it is disconnected or when the location is  unknown, the theft notification is sent to the owner of the tracker. In the magnetic tracker, like other trackers with the help of GPS, accurate information and geographic location is sent from the satellite. If you don't want to locate online, you have the ability to get information about different places offline



Common Questions

?How accurate the antenna of the magnetic tracker is

The GPS antenna inside the tracker allows you to view more than 10,000 locations and geographic locations on the map, and there's no need to worry about losing the car's location because it uses the GPRS technology

?How do you find a car that is out of your set range

The magnetic tracker device has a series of internal settings, and you can customize the geographical limits for the tracker, so that if the car is equipped with the tracker leaves, an alarm will be sent to you immediately

?What should be done if the battery of the magnetic trackers dies

In the device model, the magnetic tracker keeps the battery charged for a certain period of time. Only 24 hours before the end of battery charging, the device will send you an alarm in the form of SMS or email that the battery charge level is low and you should recharge it as soon as possible

?What should we do if the thief or the driver finds the magnetic tracker

If you secretly install a magnetic detector inside the car, no one will notice the presence of this device inside the car. Now, let's assume that someone will find the tracker, because this device is equipped with a shaking sensor, which means that if someone tries to remove the device, an alarm will be sent immediately

Other features of the magnetic tracker

  Temperature sensor-

Shaking sensor-

Entering and exiting the geographical area sensor-

 High speed sensor-

 Low battery sensor-

?Why should we buy a magnetic tracker

   In the following description of the magnetic tracker qualities , you should get to know the features and the technical qualifications of this tracker. As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, the magnetic tracker works with the help of the magnet that is installed on your desired vehicle. This is an efficient device for tracking private cars, and in large companies, it can be used on all kinds of ships, trucks, trailers, etc. Even if this tracker is used for personal purposes, according to the needs of each person, variable usages can be considered

Some magnetic trackers save higher charges  and they are heavier and larger than the trackers with less full charge capacity, which can be also transformed  according to the needs of  the person who is choosing the tracker. Magnetic tracker is a device that is effective for people who would like to take care of thier car or any kind of property inconspicuously. one of the  other advantages of using this tracker is its real-time tracking feature which we will describe later



Get to know the magnetic tracker more

   As you know, owners can receive the tracker's current location data and send it to its owner with the help of GPS and GSM technology. The magnetic tracker also uses the same procedure and sends the data to the owner of the tracker with the help of a SIM card to determine the location of the person or the vehicle. You should also know that the magnetic tracker does not only send location information, but it can also provide people with more detailed information such as the use of the sensors in it. The information of the movement warning  of the car or vehicle, the separation warning when the magnet tracker is separated from the installation location, the stop warning, etc. these warnings are important and practical in the fleet management system. Magnetic tracker can track with the help of GPS module and its connection to satellites

Advantages of buying a magnetic tracker

   Trackers are multifunctional and they can be used for tracking cars, people or property. In the tracking valuable property, shipping containers can be considered, which can be tracked and positioned by sticking the tracker to them. People who have valuable cargo and they want to send it from one city to another city or country can easily track the cargo from the begging to the destination with the help of a magnetic tracker. This item is very practical and fleet managers can use it in their vehicles to check the information of all vehicles very day. The magnetic tracker is designed in different types and shapes, and you can buy it for purposes, even for personal use, and enjoy its countless advantages


Comparing the performance of the magnetic tracker with other trackers

   You may also have a question about the performance of the magnetic tracker and how it differs from other trackers. We will explain this further. As we said, the magnetic  tracker is a wireless device that requires no wiring , and for using it the device must be connected to the metal part of the vehicle. It has different size in terms of volume and it is super easy to install. The high performance of this tracker is related to its wireless functionality. This tracker relies on battery power to determine the location of all types of vehicles

This advantage has made it possible to place the magnetic tracker in any desired place, such as under the seat or under the car chassis. This device is hidden and cannot be detected by thieves. The simple installation of this device has made it easy for novice users to install it in their car without any special knowledge. Magnetic trackers have strong magnets that quickly stick to the metal object, and its separation requires a lot of force, which can only happen with a strong power

It is suggested that after buying the magnetic detector device, place it in an environment away from the sight of unknown people. The magnetic tracker has powerful batteries that can hold a charge for 20 days, making it easy for people who worry about charging or powering off. The magnetic tracker can  provide the location of objects and the routes taken by the car or the driver with the help of an application and its system for the owner of the tracker so that they can check the location of their car or property

This tracker model is useful for people who has got fleet managers and own many cars, and they can easily entrust any car they need to other people and do its location and routing. Some models have the ability to notify the owner of the car if the tracker is removed from its location or when it is damaged. These trackers are waterproof, strong and resistant to shocks. As we said, its main advantages are the easy installation, which compared to other trackers such as wired ones that need to be installed and must be installed to the main electricity of the car, this tracker needes no wiring and it can be installed anywhere. These trackers have various warnings, such as the separation warning , high speed warning, starting to move warning , leaving warning, the tracker being hit warning and etc



?Why do we need a magnetic vehicle tracker

 The reason why all people in the society need a magnetic tracker is to maintain the peace and safety of themselves and their families. Using a reliable tracker is also something that should be considered at the time of purchase. When you buy high-precision and high-quality tracker, if your car is stolen, you can find it as soon as possible and you can notify the police

Different types of hidden vehicles trackers

Magnetic GPS trackers are considered as hidden devices and there are always two types of inactive hidden trackers and active hidden trackers that each of them is described below

Inactive hidden magnetic tracker device-

An inactive magnetic tracker only records data and saves vehicle tracks for the future download. There is no need for permanent internet connection because they do not work online. The problem with this type of tracker is that you cannot get updated with online data

 Active hidden magnetic tracker device-

Online magnet trackers can send you information whenever you want. These trackers need a permanent connection to send data and must work with a powerful internal battery. Online trackers have higher capabilities than offline trackers and can help you in emergency situations


?What characteristics should the best magnetic trackers have

The magnetic tracker has its own unique characteristics, which has a suitable weight and can be installed or placed inside the engine, cargo bag, and inside the car. By dint of the software and application provided with the tracker, you can know the location of your car or motorcycle at any time.

1.The magnetic tracker needs no wiring, and it can be easily placed in any hidden places in the car due to its powerful magnet

2.     The magnetic tracker needs no installation and it is totally portable.

3.     The magnetic tracker is waterproof and resistant to heat and cold in different parts of the country.

4.     Proper tracking of transits and cargo containers even outside of the country.

5.     Online tracking with phone and computer

6.     Tracking with internal antenna and no need for wiring

The most significant features of an ideal magnetic tracker

 Real-time tracking-

If you want to know where your car is at the moment, you should use a tracker that has real-time tracking. These features are present in most GPS tracking systems

 Having a powerful battery-

The active and hidden tracker of your car must have a strong battery and it must have a long battery life because it constantly needs to be connected to send data

Durable body-

The car magnet tracker is portable and it is placed in a durable body. A good tracker should have a durable body and a suitable cover to protect it

Warning of the car approaching the destination-

The warning of the car approaching the destination is one of the features that notifies you every time the car is close to your destination and there is no need to constantly check

 Determining the geographical area-

A good tracker has a feature that can determine your target area. This may seem like a simple matter, but in practice you can use it to control the young members of your family and get good results from it

 Speed warning-

A good tracker can give you an alarm when your car exceeds the speed limit. This warning can be important for people who are learning driving skills as well

 Data storage-

A GPS tracker can record information for a longer time to check or use the information whenever needed





?Is the magnetic tracker only used to prevent car theft

Trackers are used to find all types of vehicles after they are lost or stolen. Today, people have become cautious about cars and their theft, and they like to find their vehicle quickly if it is stolen. Magnetic trackers are not only for preventing theft but they also help a parent to control their teenager's driving and guide him in this direction, for example, and also, people who need to analyze the paths taken by their employees. This tracker is also useful for finding the best route. You may want to calculate your driver and his current location and evaluate his performance and distance traveled. In all these cases, the magnetic tracker respond to people's needs and make their work easier

Buying magnetic vehicle trackers and their features

If you are confused about what to do and where to buy a magnetic tracker, we must say that there are a variety of trackers available in the market with online or offline tracking capabilities, all of which have GPS and antennas for tracking and with them you can find the location of the car and record it. The prices of car trackers are different due to the features and special features they have. According to their budget, people can determine the features of the magnetic tracker and buy the best one based on thier needs. It is very important to pay attention to small details when buying a tracker and you can bring peace to your mind by buying your tracker from a reliable place



Characteristics of the magnetic tracker with 10 days of charging

One of the examples of the magnetic tracker

is the 10-day charge magnetic tracker model, which has an internal battery with a capacity of 5800 mAh. It is one of the most powerful magnetic trackers in Iran and the world, which allows the customer to track a car, container, ship, boat, bag or any cargo even remotely. When you purchase this magnetic tracker, it does not require installation or wiring, and by inserting an active SIM card into the device, it can be sticked to a metal place or somewhere hidden. The tracker can hold a full charge for up to 14 days in standby mode, and the device works for about 8 days in normal operation mode


10-day charge magnetic tracker features

The 10-day charge magnetic vehicle tracker type, does not need to be installed and it sticks to the metal body of the car or motorcycle with a strong magnet

Magnetic trackers are wireless and with an internal battery they can hold a charge for up to two weeks. In addition, this type of tracker is waterproof and dustproof

Magnetic trackers work online and offline for two weeks after a full charge. Online tracking is with the help of the website and application, and offline tracking is with the  SMS. Magnetic trackers are small and easy to carry. By purchasing them, you can keep the information of the traveled routes for up to 6 months and actually track the movement history of one or more cars. The features of the two-week charging magnet tracker are mentioned

     Waterproof tracker-

    Tracker with powerful magnet-

      Tracker without installation-

      Online tracking with web and app-

      Offline tracking by SMS-

      The possibility of saving the charge for 2 weeks-

      Saving the history of traveled routes for 6 months-

      Suitable for tracking all types of vehicles and motorcycles-

     It has a Persian application made for easy use-

     Ability to control and track multiple users with the application-

10-day charge magnetic tracker feature

  The possibility of online car tracking, people tracking and business use-

   By buying a magnetic tracker with two weeks of charging, you will be able to track cars and even people online. Also, businesses such as marketers can benefit from the features of this type of the tracker

   Having an internal battery-

  This tracker model, with an internal battery, can save a full charge for up to two weeks without any problems-

  Having a high strength magnet-

  The strength of the magnet of this type of tracker is very high and it will easily stick to all metal parts-

Magnetic tracker features

 The possibility of routing with the Internet and SMS-

 Having powerful backup battery (6 powerful magnets)-

 Sending an alert when leaving the designated traffic area-

 Ability to receive history from the reporting panel-

   ...Suitable for all types of cars, cargo ships, containers, travel and-

 The possibility of outputting the report when the car is stopped-

  Ability to display the current speed of the car-

:You can refer to the relative page to this tracker

Magnet Car Tracker Two weeks charging

20-days charge magnetic tracker

This tracker device does not require wiring or installation, and with an internal battery, it can be used for approximately a month with a full charge. It has strong magnetic power and sensitive sensors that send an alert to the owner by touching the detector. This type of tracker has a strong internal antenna and it is possible to install an external antenna to amplify the waves

:20-day charge magnetic tracker features

This magnetic tracker model is a type of personal tracker that has fast GPS routing. It is small size but with 4 strong magnets, it can  be installed on the car or it can be used personally. We can mention its features as follows

 The 20-day charge magnetic tracker can track online and offline

Vibration detection-

  This type is waterproof and dustproof-

Tracking with a 2600 mAh internal battery to track all types of cars, luggage or cargo-

  Tracking all types of cars with Android or iOS phones-

  The possibility of setting the function remotely by sending an SMS-

:General features of the device

  Easy portability-

The 20-day charge magnetic tracker can be placed anywhere in your bag and carried due to its lightness

 small size-

This type of tracker has a small size and will easily fit anywhere you want

 Easy and fast installation-

One of the good features of this tracker is that it does not require much time to install and it can be easily connected in any place you want

  Being waterproof-

One of the great features of this tracker is that it is waterproof and moisture-proof with the ability to save a full charge for 20 days

 It has a powerful magnet-

Having a strong magnet in this tracker can make it stick to any place.

 Low battery consumption-

The battery consumption in this type of magnetic trackers is very low that it can be used for 20 days after a full charge

The main features of the 20-day charging magnet tracker

      It has a high-power internal magnet-

      No need for wiring and installation-

     It has an internal power button for quick activation-

     It has an internal battery of 10000 mAh-

      It has got a movement alarm -

     Staying in standby mode for 100 days-

     It has a powerful internal antenna and -

also the possibility of installing an external antenna-

Other descriptions of the 20-day charge magnetic tracker

      The possibility of routing with the Internet and SMS-

      It has a strong internal backup battery-

      Has a panel to receive movement history-

      It has powerful internal magnets-

      The possibility of sending a warning when leaving the allowed range-

     It has an English application-

      The possibility of online and offline tracking-

      Suitable for all types of cars or ships and boats-

      Determining the geographical area-


     It has 8 MB of internal memory-

    Sending an alert on the software or mobile phone as an SMSYou can refer to the relative -

:page to this tracker

magnet tracker 20 days



 Reducing people's worries about car theft and also tracking cars in all kinds of vehicles is one of the responsibilities of trackers. If you also need one of them, you can easily order your desired magnetic tracker online in the products  section or call PayamGPS company. So that your magnetic tracker will be sent to your desired location along with the installer

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