The best selling vehicle tracker

The best selling vehicle tracker

Most of the people are looking for a tracker which has a reasonable price in addition to its high quality. The facilities and equipment of a tracker is one of the things that can be mentioned. The TS500 tracker is one of these devices that can be considered as one of the best-selling vehicle trackers. This popular product is one of the high-quality products of Payam GPS company, which is also one of the top sellings. Stay with us till the rest of the article to get more information about this tracker and how it works.

Characteristics of the TS500 tracker

The TS 500 tracker is highly accurate in tracking vehicles, and with high tracking accuracy with the GPS module, it can have a low error in its tracking. The size of this tracker is small and therefore it is very light and can be used in motorcycles and bicycles. The TS 500 tracker has a waterproof and strong body that can be highly resistant to moisture or water. The TS 500 tracker device has an internal 100mah battery, and in cases when it is not connected to the electricity, it can use the battery as a power supply. The battery of the TS500 tracker can save a full charge for 4 hours.

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TS500 car tracker features

 As it was mentioned, the TS500 model car tracker is a great tracker with many features and a reasonable price, and that is why it is called the best-selling vehicle tracker. These capabilities have turned this tracker into one of the most popular and best-selling types of vehicle trackers. The features of this tracker include having an Android and iOS application, the possibility of using a software program and sending messages via SMS. The TS500 car tracker can save the battery when the car is stationary so that it can be used later. The TS500 tracker can set a range for the driver and warn when the car, motorcycle or bicycle is out of range. It also allows the owner of the tracker to find out whether it is on or off and determine the exact location by SMS. It can also turn the car off and on by SMS.




Advantages of using TS500 car tracker

Providing security for all types of light and heavy vehicles-

Remote control of the vehicles-

Small size and invisible placement in vehicles-

It has SOS emergency help button in case of emergency-

Turning off cars with the help of a remote tracker-

Suitable tracker for luxury and expensive cars-

  What type of people can use the vehicle tracker?

 Vehicle trackers are recommended for anyone who needs to track or secure their car. Most of the people who park their cars on the side of the streets or generally need a comfortable feeling to ensure the security of their car and prevent theft, can use this tracker. In addition, it will be very effective for people who need tracking for their car in their work, so that they can keep track of their car or cars by checking the user panel.

 Other features of the TS500 tracker

 Sending information when the car is on-

The possibility of controlling all the moving parts with the help of an LCD monitor-

Unconditional support for GPS-

Sending SMS in case of battery failure-

The possibility of printing when the car stops-

Printing illegal stops-

Reporting all distances, number and amount of fuel-

Providing the fuel consumption rate as well as the periodical service time of the car-

 Technical specifications of TS500 vehicle tracker

 The TS500 car tracker device can be used in passenger cars, motorcycles, electric bicycles with MTK6261 GPS chip and other features with a ten-meter location accuracy. Its battery is Build-in 3.7V 140mAh Li-ion battery and it has dimensions of 90 x 33 x 15 mm with a weight of 67 grams.



Tips you need to pay attention to while purchasing the top and the best-selling vehicle tracker

 Nowadays, buying a vehicle tracker device has become a necessity, consequently various types of trackers  have entered the market, which may confuse people to buy low-quality or poor quality items due to a lack of knowledge. By following some tips while buying, you can find the best-selling items.

Buy from a reputable and also reliable store-

Guaranteed work quality-

Establishing permanent and automatic tracking-

The presence of various sensors-

The possibility of recording information in locations-

Having high-powered antenna, as well as connection to GPS and GSM-

Special abilities such as determining the maximum speed and determining the range of movement of the vehicle-

The best selling vehicle tracker

 TS500 car tracker is a unique tracking device with a fair price, which has many features among vehicle tracker devices at a low price. This has made this vehicle tracker one of the most popular vehicle tracking devices. Consumers of this device know that this device is very valuable for its cheap price.



TS500 tracker for tracking cars, motorcycles and vehicles

 The TS500 tracker is a high quality and economical tracker that works on all types of cars and electric and motorized vehicles. This tracker involves the following features:

 The ability to use the tracker with web applications, Android mobile application, iOS and SMS-

When the car or motorcycle is turned off and their electricity is cut off, the device goes to sleep or standby mode and restarts after the car starts to move

It has a geofence system or an authorized area to control the traffic of vehicles in designated areas. In case of leaving this area, the person will be warned

To know when the device is on and off-

To be informed about the location and location of the vehicle through SMS-

The possibility of turning off the vehicle by SMS-

Waterproof tracker-

Being waterproof is important for devices that have electronic components, and this detector also has moisture resistance.

small size-

The small size of the TS 500 tracker makes it possible to install it on a car and suitable for motorcycles and bicycles.

High accuracy-

The TS 500 tracker has GPS modules and hardware of the best parts, which has made the positioning to be done with high accuracy and have a small error.

Internal battery-

TS 500 tracker with internal battery 100mah It is possible to use this battery automatically if the device's power is cut off. This battery can power the tracker for about 2 hours.

 What are the main functions of the car tracker?

 Having information about the car tracker and its functions will help people to make a better choice. Therefore , before discussing the best-selling car tracker, it is better to get to know its functions:

     The possibility of installing trackers on personal cars and ensuring their security

     Use in the transport fleet to control the behavior of drivers and provide better services for customers

     The efficiency of car tracking in special car rental companies and monitoring their speed and routes

     Installing a tracker on heavy vehicles during domestic or foreign trips and informing about its status




How to use the tracker

 In order to use the car tracker, you must be able to install it after purchasing it according to the manufacturer's instructions. The method of installing GPS on  each car is different from another and its manual should be read before the installation.

 There are two types of magnetic and wired tracking devices. You will not need special expertise to install a magnetic detector and it is easily installed, but wired trackers will need some information for  the installation. Wired devices must be connected to the car's battery to start working, and its sensors work by connecting to specific fuses. For this, you need to ask help from tracker installers.

 Features and benefits of the best-selling vehicle tracker

 We are here to help you make the best purchase by selecting the best-selling vehicle tracker features and benefits:

   1)Providing security with a car tracker

  The main advantage of buying a car tracker is security. GPS is also a security tool that can give you daily information about the routes taken by the car. This information is given to the person in the form of a report and can ensure the security.

 When buying the best-selling vehicle tracker, you should pay attention to its security levels. The security levels include the information registration server, the application and the history of the manufacturer.

     2)Compatibility of the device with your vehicle

 Another thing that you should consider when buying the best-selling car tracker is the compatibility of the tracker with your car. Car GPS should be able to collect your information correctly. If it is not able do it right, you've practically wasted your money. A car tracker is efficient  when it can fulfill your needs.

  3)The tracker should be online and offline

 One of the important things in choosing the best-selling vehicle tracker is its online and offline performance. Most of the GPS in the market support the Internet and will collect the user's information with the help of a mobile phone and satellites, but the user may not have access to the Internet.

 When the internet is not available, the tracker should not lose its functionality and will collect the necessary information and store it in the internal memory and provide it to the user as soon as he connects to the internet.

    4)Easy use tracker application

  The car tracker application is also important. This program should be prepared in such a way that any user with any knowledge can use it easily and not have any problems in working with it. Otherwise, no one will be satisfied working with it.

PayamGPS The best-selling vehicle tracker in 

 As you can see, we got acquainted with one of the best-selling vehicle trackers called TS500 and we also got to know its specifications and features. If you are also looking for buying the best-selling Payam GPS trackers, you can buy the TS500 model with great quality, special features and a reasonable price. By purchasing a TS500 vehicle tracker, you can ensure the security of your car, motorcycle and even bicycle so that you can be at ease by leaving them in an unknown place.

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