X009 device as the world's cheapest vehicle tracker

Some thieves steal cars and motorcycles because of high excitement, and even with strong security devices, it is still possible for them to open the car door and steal the car. With the advancement of technology in every country, thieves become smarter and devices such as steering wheel lock, pedal lock and even car alarm cannot prevent them from doing their work, and the only device that can improve the situation is a vehicle tracker. The vehicle tracker may not be a great and professional tool to prevent car theft, but it gives car owners the assurance that in case of car theft, they can find their car with no worries in less than a minute and even turn off the car by sending a text message. The cheapest vehicle tracker with special features and facilities is one of the most important purchase factors for every customer. Small TS500 tracker is the cheapest car tracker available in the market, which has been able to have many fans with its special features, so Payam GPS Company has launched and sold this efficient product.



Find your car in less than a few seconds by installing the vehicle tracker

By seeing the text message on your phone, your stress and worry will be reduced, just when you are about to get into your car with the full joy of shopping with your wife, you realize that the car is not there. In this simple way, stress and worry will take over your entire being; "What would I do if the car was stolen?" "The car was the only thing I had in life" are familiar sentences that many of us may have experienced at least once. A text message on your phone makes you feel relieved that the car has been towed by a crane, but if you don't receive a text message, it means a new problem; All the running to find the car and this is the beginning of an adventure that may last several months. All these incidents can not happen to you by buying and installing a vehicle tracker and you can find the exact location of your car in less than a few seconds with your phone.

Make more progress and productivity in your work

All people need to spend money and time to progress in their work; A vehicle  tracker is a long-term investment that can improve your business with its features.

Controlling the behavior of drivers by observing the speed, fuel and routes traveled by the car

Find the nearest car and dispatch quickly to speed up the job

Car maintenance by receiving information related to changing tires, air filter, car oil

Receive alarms when the car leaves the designated areas

Receive alarms when the car door is opened, the car is shaken by a crane

TS500 vehicle tracker with small dimensions can be hidden inside the car and motorcycle

An inexpensive tracker with small dimensions that allows you to secretly install it inside the car and motorcycle. This light and small device is considered to be one of the cheapest trackers in the world that can track motorcycles, passenger cars online; It can also track heavy machines and of course electric bicycles online.

The high accuracy and positioning of the tracker is one of the important features of this device

In this device, a small GPS module tracker and hardware with the best electronic components have been used, which has increased the accuracy and location of the device and reduced its error rate.

In case of power failure, the tracker works for 4 hours

Small TS500 tracker must be connected to a car or motorcycle battery in order to work, but don't worry, the battery can work for up to 4 hours despite a power outage.

When your car is stolen, find it with peace of mind and turn off the car by sending an SMS

One of the most important features of the TS500 vehicle tracker is that it can be easily turned off remotely by sending an SMS. To activate this feature, you must connect the fuel cut-off relay to the detector. If you are very worried about your car being stolen, you can easily find it by installing a car tracker. Just hold your phone and open the PayamGPS vehicle tracker software, it will display the exact location of the car and you can stop the car's gas by sending an SMS to the device's SIM card number at the first opportunity. The cut-off relay is used here, your same SMS will activate the fuel cut-off relay and you will actually be cut off, in this situation, the car engine will shut down due to the lack of fuel.


TS500 tracker device features

The possibility of turning off the vehicle remotely with the TS500 tracker

One of the good features of the TS500 tracker is that you can turn off the car remotely in times of no internet access and in urgent situations. This setting can be done in two ways. One is by giving the command to the car, it will turn off at the same moment, and the other is that it is not possible to start the car again after turning off.

TS500 tracker with an automatic repair system ( AUTO-FIX )

One of the common problems in trackers is bugs or malfunctions that happen daily. In most cases, they can be fixed with command codes and resetting the device, but the problem is that these cases might be emergency, and when the device has an automatic repair system, when these bugs occur, the problem will be solved automatically.  TS500 vehicle tracking device has an automatic repair system.

High precision of the TS500 tracker device

With the use of the new hardware, the communication of these devices with satellites is more accurate and there is little time difference. This device, which has used modern technology, can demonstrate high accuracy in showing the position of a car or motorcycle and has a very small percentage of error.

Anti-shock TS500 tracker device

In this type of tracker, high-quality materials are used, which prevents water from penetrating into it. Also, there is no possibility of dust entering it, and the device will not be damaged if it is hit. With these definitions, the imagination of people will be relieved about buying this device and its failure.

TS500 tracker with an automatic energy storage system

One of the great features of this device is that it can automatically save energy when needed. In this case, the device is not turned off and the data sent is less, as a result it stores more energy and does not turn off even after the car or motorcycle is turned off.

TS500 tracker with a vehicle traffic warning system outside the permitted range

With the help of the software connected to this tracking device, you can specify the allowed range, and if the car's leave it , you will receive a message that "you have left the allowed range " . This possibility is efficient for people and can be used to control family or company personnel.


Get to know the TS500 tracker device

TS500 tracker  is a product of the new generation of high-quality trackers in the market, which has a lower price due to its new technology. This device was created with a small size and has a precise design that has been able to have all the capabilities and facilities of larger devices. TS500 tracker has quality parts and elegance in construction, which is a suitable and economical purchase for thosr who use light and heavy cars, as well as motorcycles and electric bicycles.

Advantages of buying a TS500 vehicle tracking device

 Specify the location instantly

By installing the TS500 tracker you can see the location of your car online on the map and also have the traveled routes.

 Vehicles security with the TS500 tracker

With the increase in car theft in society, security has become a significant issue that people are trying to provide. By installing TS500 GPS you can prevent the theft of your car and if it is stolen, you can find it through routing.

Turning off the car remotely

Another advantage of the TS500 vehicle tracker is that you can turn off your car remotely. By installing this type of tracker, you can turn off the car remotely wherever you are.

 Accurate routing

 One of the advantages of having this vehicle tracking device is the possibility of accurate routing. You can easily find the routes you don't know and reach your destination in the shortest time with the application installed on your mobile device.

Controlling company's personnel

Controlling a company's personnel with the help of a tracker is very easy. It is difficult for companies to monitor their people who travel outside the company. With the help of a TS500 tracker, Managers can fully monitor the movement of department employees outside the organization and can even set a virtual limit for them, and if they leave that limit, an alarm will be sent to the manager's phone.

Product features

High accuracy in vehicle and electric tracking

light and small

Completely waterproof and with a strong body

With an internal battery

Technical specifications of the TS500 vehicle tracker

Usage:            Driving a car, motorcycle, electric bicycle

GPS chip:       MTK6261

GPS frequency:    850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Connection systems:     GSM/GPRS

Maximum measurable speed:       515 milliseconds

Minimum sending interval:       1 second

StandardGPRS connection:     850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS Receptor sensitivity:        -159dBm

Battery:        Build-in 3.7V 140mAh Li-ion battery

Spatial accuracy:        10 meters

GPS sensitivity:       160 dBm

Dimensions:       90 * 33 * 15 mm

Weight:     67  grams

Warning approaching

Speed ​​cameras:     does not have

Speed ​​warning:      it has

Distance traveled report:    it has

Battery status alarm:   it has  

SIM card port:     it has

Support for two SIM cards:       does not have

Working voltage:   8-9 volts

Permissible temperature range:      -20 ~ 55 C

Permissible range of humidity:        5% ~ 95% percent

Update capability:      it has

Ability to control with messages:    it has

Server type:     Private and public


What points should we pay attention to when purchasing a cheap car tracker?

When purchasing the cheapest vehicle tracker, you should pay attention to the points that are important to have a high-quality tracker. For instance, displaying a location with the least error is an important thing when buying a tracker. Also, when buying the cheapest vehicle tracker, its practical features should be checked:

Displaying the location of the car

Displaying the car turning on and off

Full display of the history of the car's route

Displaying the speed of the vehicle

Car stop display

Car theft warning

Warning of turning on the car in the form of SMS


These are some of the basic points that you should consider before buying a reasonably priced tracker. If the cheap tracker you get has a weak antenna or doesn't send the position well, you won't be able to use it.

You should be careful that being cheap does not mean that the product is of poor quality, and the fact that a product is expensive does not mean that it is of high quality. When you are going to buy the cheapest car tracker, you should consider the quality of the tracker as well.

Easy connection with the tracker

At the time of buying a cheap car tracker, you should research whether connecting to the tracker is easily possible or can you change its settings easily? Some trackers have the option of setting up with SMS and you can adjust your tracker settings with the help of the software they provide.

GPS accuracy and fixing it

One of the other things you better consider when buying a cheap car tracker is GPS accuracy. You should pay attention to the fact that some trackers have a tracking error up to 5 meters, and more than this can be problematic, so you should choose your tracker after doing a lot of research. This is important for emergency situations when you are looking for the location of your car. So the connection between the tracker and the GPS satellites is important and its time is also a matter of great importance.

The more accurate the tracker is, then it can be concluded that a more advanced GPS module is used, which increases its quality.

Check the internal battery

In some trackers, in addition to the wire that is connected to the car's electricity, the tracker also has an internal battery so that it can keep it on in an emergency situation. The thief may disconnect the car's battery to disable the tracker. At this time, having an internal battery in tracking can be effective.

Tracker user

Trackers have different types and one of which is used in every situation. If tracking the car and its location is important to you, you should pay attention to the usage of the tracker when buying the cheapest car tracker.

The amount of internal memory

Having an internal memory in trackers stores its memory inside, when the data cannot be sent instantly for any reason. It is better to look for a cheap tracker with internal data storage when buying a tracker.

After sales service and support

After-sales service and support are the most important things you must consider when buying the cheapest car tracker. You will be dissatisfied with your purchase if you purchase a device that is not guaranteed and a company that does not provide you with services.

The tips mentioned are general points you should consider while buying a cheap and high-quality tracker, according to which you can make a purchase that will satisfy you. PayamGPS is at your service for shopping and consulting.

Is installing the cheapest car tracker different from other trackers?

We can answer no to this question and say that its installation will not be any different from other trackers, but the difference will be in providing facilities.

Should we buy a cheap car tracker?

We suggest that you check the features of the trackers first and then go to the prices. According to your needs, a cheap tracker can solve your problem.

Does the cheapest vehicle tracker have good-quality?

Yes, trackers with cheap prices are also of high quality, they are made from good brands in the market.

Conclusion :

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