Car tracker model TS550

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Product Overview

Summary Review🔎

This light and small device is one of the cheapest trackers in the world, which has the ability to track motorcycles, passenger cars online; It also has heavy vehicles and of course electric bicycles. The GPS module and hardware used in this device are among the best electronic components, which makes the location of this device very high and in fact has very little error. By purchasing this tracking device, you can easily track any vehicle. In addition to online tracking, it has the ability to record the amount of fuel, movements and stops of the car. The power of this tracker device is connected to the battery of the engine or car, and in case of power failure, it can supply power to the device from its internal battery for up to 4 hours

Features of TS 550 car tracker 📝

Car tracker model TS 550 is an excellent tracker device with extremely high features and capabilities that with its reasonable price and unique features has been able to attract customers to buy one of the most popular car tracker devices. This model with many features but reasonable cost can be a great choice for people who want the following features
Ability to use TS 550 car tracker with web applications, Android applications, iOS applications as well as sending SMS 💠
The TS550 tracker will be able to store its battery when the vehicle is stationary and reuse it after moving 💠
The TS550 tracker has the ability to "set the range of motion", which can alert the person through the system or SMS when the car or even a motorcycle or bicycle is out of the range for
the device, and follow up Make it very convenient for people
Notify if the tracking device is on or off 💠
Be notified by sending an SMS of detailed location information💠
Ability to turn off the car or vehicle by sending a text message💠

Product features📖

High accuracy in tracking vehicle or electric🔅

The TS550 tracker model has a GPS module as well as hardware that can make it one of the most accurate devices. Excellent accuracy and low error are the great features of this tracker

Light and small tracker🔅

The TS550 tracker is small in size, which in addition to being used in car tracking, will also allow buyers on motorcycles or bicycles

Completely waterproof and with a sturdy body🔅

The biggest problem with electronic components is that they are vulnerable to moisture or water. The TS550 is very resistant to moisture

Has an internal battery🔅

The TS550 tracker has an internal 250 mAh battery. If the power is cut off for any reason, the buyer can automatically use this battery as a power supply. The battery of this device will be able to power for about 12 hours

Technical specifications of TS550 car tracker✴️

UsableCars, motorcycles, electric bicycles
GPS chipMTK6261 
GPS frequency850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Communication systemsGSM/GPRS
Maximum measurable speed515 milliseconds
Minimum sending time interval1 second
GPRS communication standard850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Sensitivity-159dBm
BatteryBuild-in 3.7V 140mAh Li-ion battery
Spatial accuracy10 meters
GPS sensitivity160 dBm
Dimensions90 * 33 * 15 mm
Weight67 grams

Warning approaching

Speed cameras

Does not have
Speed alarmHas
Mileage reportHas
Battery status alarmHas
SIM card portHas
Dual SIM supportDoes not have
Working voltage12-36 volts
Permissible temperature range-20 ~ 55 ° C
Permissible range of humidity5% ~ 95% percent
Update capabilityHas
Ability to control with the messageHas
Server type Dedicated and public

 Items with the device📋

Special cable for installation💠
Turn off a 12 volt 40 amp relay for 45 thousand tomans💠

GPS Message offers a variety of GPS in different sizes and models.
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Other descriptions📋

Sending information when the car is on and not sending information on time
Off (reduce GPRS costs by up to two thirds)✅
Unconditional GPS replacement guarantee✅
Existence of control room to manage and display all movements in an instant by installing an LCD monitor in the control room✅
If the car battery is cut off, send an SMS to the center automatically✅
Ability to print stop points, stop times, stop location address✅
List of stopping points of each car in print within three seconds✅
List of unauthorized stops, for example, stopping for more than 30 minutes
Control report of all vehicles in terms of total distance traveled, number of stopping points, fuel consumption of all vehicles
Speed control and sending SMS in case of unauthorized speed to the relevant responsible mobile phone and fine print performance of each vehicle
Calculate the amount of fuel consumption based on when the car is on
Record download time from start to finish and number of downloads
Provide smart print sketch from factory to customer address✅
View unloading locations and stop times✅
Intelligent PM system with distance control in each vehicle that oil change service, filters, tires, etc. can be intelligently sent to the driver and the person in charge of repairs and can be printed and printed.
Smart SMS system to inform the driver to perform the relevant service✅

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