Personal GPS tracker two days charge

Personal GPS tracker two days charge

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Product Overview

Summary Review 🔎

The GP002 tracker has a small, square device that inserts a SIM card into it to track children, marketers, adults, people with Alzheimer's disease online. This device has a built-in battery that holds a charge for 48 hours, and when the battery is finished, you can charge the device with a USB port. One of the benefits of a personal tracker is the presence of the sos emergency button, which you can easily press to send your location to others and call and talk to predefined numbers. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality personal tracker, It has the capability of personal tracker, child tracker, elderly tracker, animal tracker, non-tracker, shipment tracker and small tracker, this tracker is the best choice for you

Features of two-day personal GPS tracker📋

The latest technologies have been used to produce personalized two-day GPS trackers for children and the elderly. The car tracker model GP002 works with the help of GPS technology as well as the highest quality processors and internal sensors of the devices. Two-day personal charge GPS trackers can guarantee positioning and communication with satellite communication networks. Personal GPS trackers Two days charge GP002 has emergency call buttons or s.o.s for short. By teaching your child how the GPS tracker works, you will teach them to show you their location when you are in danger by pressing the emergency button. This feature of the trackers along with the powerful microphones that are installed on the personal GPS tracker for two days of charging can allow parents to record as well as hear the surrounding sound. This tracker also has a range setting, and if a child, the elderly or anyone with a tracker leaves the area, you will be notified as if they have been removed from the map. Some of the features of this device are as follows
Ability to track with mobile phones as well as PC or tablet💠
Ability to find places offline (sending SMS) and online (mobile application)💠
Ability to install and activate a personal GPS tracker for two days on a short charge💠
Assign usernames in tracking software as well as site💠
Hold the charge for two days at the time of use💠

Product features📖

Ability to track children, Alzheimer's patients, marketers and employees🔅

With a personal two-day charge GPS device, you can easily check your employees and also control the movement of your child or elderly patients
Has a built-in battery for 24 hours charge holder

Has a built-in battery for 24 hours charge holder🔅

These detectors can hold a charge for 48 hours or two days

Ability to charge the device with a USB port🔅

These two-day charge detectors have the ability to charge with a USB port

Ability to determine the geographical area and receive alarms when leaving the area🔅

You will be given a systematic alert or text message when your child, elderly person or employee is out of range

Technical specifications of GP002 personal tracking device📝

45 * 45 mm
33 grams
Lithium ion 500 mAh
Connect to a computer
Inputs and outputs
Does not have
SIM card connection
Internal Wi-Fi
DC adapter
Internet connection
GSM / GPS antennaBuilt-in quad band GSM antenna/18.0 x 18.0 x 2.0mm GPS ceramic antenna 
Operating time2 days
Standby time3 to 4 days
GPS chipMTK high sensitivity GPS 
GPS frequencyL1, 1575.42MHz 
Communication systemGSM  
GSM frequency900/1800MHz 
Class 12, TCP/IP
Tracking accuracy Less than ten meters

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Items with the device📋

Charging cable💠

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