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PayamGps is the biggest iranian company about sale Gps tracking و Gps Tracking Vehicle و GPS

Payam Gps is biggest company Sale tracking and gps tracking vehicle in iran

Payam GPS began it's activities about tracing from 2008 and at this time it is one of the main iranian companies in the field of vehicle tracing and fleet management. Payam GPS make a group in this field by the world technology and with highly qualified professionals in order to better serve the compatriots. .

Mobile tracking application Payam Gps

With this app, your mobile will be converted to a tracking device. From now on, whenever you lose your mobile, or your mobile will steal, or more interesting than that, if you want to know where your child is. Just use the GPS tracking app. By using our app, you will always have a mobile tracker, and you will no longer have to worry about stealing and losing your mobile. Using the mobile tracking program, you do not even need to connect to the Internet, just by sending a pos poster to a phone number. You can get your own position. The robbery can not by any means disrupt the program, but we nevertheless recommend that you always have a password for your phone to ensure your security is fully secured.


Explanations of car tracker and tracker

Many companies are involved in the provision and sale of tracking devices, car detectors and GPS, but the company's Payam GPS is one of the oldest providers of services
GPS and our 10 years of experience in this field are as follows .
The Payam Gps has been able to offer a variety of devices and a range of classes for the price of a car tracker. It has a unique device for every category of people in the community.
Our Magnetic Tracker is one of the best detectors that the Payam group offers.
We advise you as a provider of the above services. Do not hurry to buy a tracker device or buy a car detector at all. By purchasing the features of the various devices and the management dashboard that you provide, you can make an informed decision.


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